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How to Wear Floral Accessories

Wrist Corsages

Wrist corsages are traditionally worn on the left arm with the stems pointing towards the ground (or fingertips). The band should be adjusted to about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches above the wrist break to allow for comfort in dancing or movement. Generally, wrist corsages are made with three buds but can be made with more or less. Depending on the size of the floral arrangement, the positioning on the arm should always be made with the comfort of wear in mind.


Corsages are generally worn on the left shoulder or lapel with the stems down and tilted very slightly toward the center to allow for flowers to tilt slightly away from the face. This simple guideline allows for ease in wearing as well as the best display of the floral creation.


Boutonnieres are worn on the left lapel of the coat and with the stem down and slightly pointed toward the center of the coat. If pinned, the pin should align with any buttonhole in the lapel or with the second button down on the shirt.

In some areas of the country, wrist corsages are being worn as arm corsages with the placement on the bicep of the left arm. In other areas, they are being worn as ankle flowers with the band placed above the ankle bone about three inches. In both cases, the stems should be facing the ground and the flowers facing out.

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