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Lady Fair Wristlets

Lady Fair Original Wristlet

National Ribbon’s Lady Fair brand originated the corsage wristlet in its original form. The wristlet of Lady Fair, a woven band and an all-aluminum clamp, has been providing dependable service for over 60 years.

The Lady Fair band is woven not braided, to provide for comfort in dressing and removing without the pinch and crimping that often come with a braided product.

The mounting patented aluminum clip is made with four “fingers” which easily bend around stems or binding cord or wire. A flat open space with raised slits to allow ribbon passage provides the surface area for florist’s glue by those who might use it in corsage construction.

The band is close clamped by tiny aluminum teeth to expose the clip’s center for construction purposes. This provides a tighter band loop for smaller wrists when worn “clamped band up.” For slightly larger wrists or ankles, the clamp can be turned “clamped band to wrist side” to allow a larger band loop while maintaining the all-important comfort.

Lady Fair wristlets use a range of iridescent, metallic, and holographic yarns and are available in a range of colors: silver, black glimmer, iridescent (white), gold, red, Irish green, royal blue, orange, deep purple, pastel green, pastel blue, and pastel pink.

Lady Fair wristlets come in bags of 12, cards of 20, or boxes of 50 or 250.

Lady Fair Satin Wristlet

The Lady Fair satin wristlet combines the beauty of a Lady Fair wristlet with the elegant ruffle base of satin. 

The Black Lady Fair satin wristlet matches a black metallic band with black satin ruffle. 

The White Lady Fair satin wristlet matches the popular silver metallic band with a pure white satin ruffle.

Packed 12 to a bag, the satin wristlet can be purchased in 12 white, 12 black, or 12 mixed (6white/6black). The minimum order for Lady Fair satin wristlets is 12 dozen.

Lady Fair Lace Wristlet

The Lady Fair lace wristlet combines the beauty of a Lady Fair wristlet with the elegance of lace in a ruffle base.

The white Lady Fair lace wristlet brings together the highly regarded silver metallic band with a ruffle base of white lace. 

The ivory Lady Fair lace wristlet, popular for weddings, combines the silver metallic band with a ruffle base of ivory lace.

The black Lady Fair lace wristlet brings the black lace collar together with our popular silver wristlet.
Be trendy with Lady Fair original wristlets from National Ribbon.
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