Corsage Snap Bracelets


Corsage Snap Bracelets

Snapp-It Flower-Bracelet

Snapp-it™ is the dazzling snap-bracelet that custom contours to the individual wrist. Each bracelet is made with the highest quality Japanese steel for the most flexible, dependable fit then wrapped in a glittering, sequined sleeve. Only Snapp-it™ has two hand-tied ribbons on each mount for gluing, tying, wiring - or all three.

Snap-bracelets are available in ivory/gold; silver/white; jade green; black; pink; or purple. Packed in three packs. 

BowChic Snap-Bracelet

Winner of the 2007 Wedding Wristlet Design Contest, BowChic corsage snap-bracelets add elegance and exquisite detail to your wrist florals. Presented by Lady Fair™, you can be assured of its stability and the highest quality.

Available in 10 individually packaged colors: silver, white, ivory, black, gold, celebration red, fuchsia, turquoise, chocolate, and yellow.
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